Layer by layer, the mass of color over the other is applied
to create arural idyll, a waterfall, a Coastal landscape.
Exuberant wealth, splendor and variety act on the viewer.
Picturesque images appear.
The artist does not influence the freedom of the used colors and
the surface of the canvas provides a sense of rhythm and harmony.

Hedi Vallinkoski's vivacious abstract paintings pour out spontanously,
hernatural ability for color is clear.

Hidden meanings seem to emerge from within the imagery of the natural world.
It appears throughout her creations, giving her works a mysterious presence.
She tries to express her own ideas and pursuits in her
freeland landscape paintings combined painting techniques,
taking inspiration from many sources , creating abstract modern art.
deep crimson, rose petal, pink orange,
and vivid ultramarine demand the attention of our eyes.

Hedi Vallinkoski´s art.

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